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As a former deer in the headlights when it came to public speaking and videos,
I've discovered a practical effective method how to overcome this.

Hi, I'm Elsewine Rietveld, confidence trainer from the Netherlands and I used to be so scared and insecure of being in front of the lens that I never dared to press record...  Even though I definitely wanted to make an online course.  

Then, I've discovered a method that gave me confidence, clarity and even joy in the videos I am making. I've created several online courses already, as well as loads of video blogs and even live videos.
I now work with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to stand out and make a difference in all conversations, pitches, presentations and videos.

Did you also know that  video :
Helps you to build authority and expertise
Is excellent for increasing your

Are you making excuses out of fear, reluctance or tech-phobia?

Do any of these ring a bell:

- You see a lot of great videos online, but feel reluctant or even scared of making them yourself?

- You feel overly self-conscious, or start stuttering when you stand in front of a camera?

- You just don't know where to start and make the technical part happen (editing, publishing, 'hide' your course videos from public)?

Don't worry, you are not alone!
In fact, most people feel uncomfortable and vulnerable
in front of the camera. I did for a long time!

Even though I wanted to make an online course, and videos, I was pulling out my hair and panicked from the thought alone, that I needed to be in front of a camera.

Imagine this:

You have a great idea for a new product, so you create an information page... And, you quickly and comfortably shoot a short video, so the people that watch the page really get to know you and trust you.
Within 45 minutes, you've setup the topic of your video in an effective outline, made the video, edited it and uploaded it to the platform that's best for this video.
You're good to go!

There are two topics that you want to blog about, and you are SO passionate, you just want to make videos to bring your point really across. So you write a quick outline, do some preparation practices, confidently shoot your videos and edit them, so you can embed them on your blog/website.
All within an hour!

You are sipping your cappuccino, relaxing on your couch and all of a sudden you get struck by THE best idea for an online course or challenge (as it happens with most best ideas, they pop up when you do something relaxing).
It takes a bit more time to outline this, as all the topics need to be divided into separate videos. When you have your topics set and outlined, you do a big warming up session and batch all your videos at once in one afternoon. With a few edits, you're done and you can start batch uploading your gems!
You have all the video materials created, that you want to use for this short course or challenge...
All ready in one day!

This practical program will help you make your videos in no time!

    • Avoid the most common mistakes people make when doing videos.
    • Get valuable confidence & content techniques (not only tech tips as you see mostly).
    • Find the easiest way to shoot, without worrying about background and autocue.
    • Know exactly what to do, to have your videos be convincing and effective.

Here's some participant experience with the course:

  • I loved the pacing - you're getting tiny bites every day and it's not overwhelming at all.
  • I got great ideas on how to collect a core message and bring it on video naturally, as myself.
  • Elsewine is friendly, supportive and encouraging giving me a lot of reassurance.
  • It's short and sweet and you'll definitely finish it - how many courses did you take and not finish?!
  • I feel much better about doing my videos now!
  • Just wanted to thank you for helping me to break a 2 year barrier. I've been looking into video for two years now and not made any progress due to a psychological barrier.
    Your videos helped me to overcome this and I'm now blasting out loads of video content.

What can you expect:

- A 10 day course, with a short practice each day, building step by step towards making your own business videos that stand out (most days it's a 3-8 minute video, on three days it's a wee bit longer).

- Topics that are covered:
      * Mindset & Confidence
      * Preparation & Practice
      * Warming up & Shooting the video
      * Editing & Publishing

- Most courses go over the technical aspects and state: 'when you're scared, just do it often enough and you'll get used to it'. 
Of course you'll get better at it the more you do them (as with everything you do), but with the unique approach in this training, you'll have a solid and quick solution to confidence and success!

- The content is dripped, to prevent overwhelm and increase effectivity, as it's just a small step each day.

- There is a fillable workbook so you can keep track of your notes and preferences, and have them all at hand in one easy place. This saves you time
 when you want to go back to the content.

Take a sneak peek inside...

Nick Daniel Savvy Marketing Tribe

This is not your traditional video course - it's much more than that


Elsewine's videos have been an incredibly powerful way to help me take my videos to a new level. This is not your traditional video course - it's much more than that. Elsewine shows you how to speak from the heart, so that you're truly engaging your audience, and really sharing yourself. She is that way herself, which makes her course hugely enjoyable and meaningful. I'm very pleased I decided to sign up for this video training!

Kelly Caldwell Scorpio Press

Elsewine's video course was absolutely brilliant


I've taken several video courses and while they were excellent on the technical skills involved in creating great videos, they left me still struggling with being nervous on camera, lacking clarity on my messaging and overall right where I started. Elsewine's video course was absolutely brilliant. Thanks to her guidance I have overcome all these things and am no longer afraid of being seen AND I have crystal-clear, compelling messaging!

Start creating your own magic now!

All this for the smart investment of € 197 !!

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