10 Days to
Reflect, Relax & Renew for 2020

Join us from December 28th till January 6th 

Have you had a full-on year? 

Are there many things to do and do you always come last?
Are you keeping all the plates spinning and feel you're juggling them every day?

Do you love your family, friends, clients, colleagues and work, and mostly put them before you?

Now is the time to put yourself first and make time to Reflect, Relax and Renew your energy!

How would you like to have some time just for YOU?

Inspiration, meditation, journalling and pick what you love, what works for you?

With accountability and inspiration!

A lot has happened the last few months and I felt this deep desire to invest time in myself over this New Year period.

With daily activities...

To be present, playful, and joyful.

To feel empowered, supported and full of possibility.

With a little magic, fun, happiness and tapping into many different practices and techniques.

Doing the work with a group increases the impact we all have

and helps with the accountability.
You can join for the symbolic investment of €20,20 !

10 days for 2020 

what & how

Facebook group

Every day there's a live video going deeper into the practice, picking a card for the day and doing a daily meditation.


You can use your own journal to take notes, or use the worksheets that are shared in the Facebook group. A fillable PDF or print them out.

Daily Activity

Taking 30-45 minutes a day for yourself, for reflection, journaling, doing a practice around beliefs, boundaries, presence & more,
a moving meditation and a daily oracle card.

2 Group Calls

We'll have a 30 minute Zoomcall on Monday the 30th and Sunday the 5th, to connect, reflect and share our experiences. This will be at 9PM CET/ 8PM UK time.

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you. spend time with them 

and it will change your life.

~ Amy Poehler 

Reflect, Relax & Renew for 2020

Elsewine Rietveld

I'm Elsewine, confidence trainer from the Netherlands.

Over the years I've done many courses and training and have taken a way a treasure chest full of golden nuggets. 

I love sharing them with likeminded people to create some magical moments and inspiration for self-care, boundaries, being present and growth! 

Sign up now!

You'll get inspiration and accountability to start 2020 relaxed & focused.

I'd love to see you in the group.

You'll get an email with the PDF workbook and login to the Facebook group

The Facebook group opens Friday evening the 27th.