Overcome The Blocks

That Keep You

From Being Successful

We all have moments where we feel we want to take the next step, but something is holding us back.
That "something" is often ourselves and, more often than not, it's subconscious.

We have taken on different limiting thoughts and negative self-talk; thoughts like "you can't do that" or "you're incompetent".  These ideas could come from someone else who has repeatedly (or even just once) told us we aren't good enough or from "cooking it up" all on our own. Those beliefs, though not always conscious, are present in the background and keep us from being successful. So are you ready to do something about it?!

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Vivia StephensonFreelance Writer/Motivational Coach

Elsewines approach was extremely helpful to me. I was amazed at all the limiting beliefs that I still have, many of which I was aware of and many that I wasn't. Writing them down helped me to develop a real understanding of where they are coming from and what most of them are associated with. My days are much more positive, since I'm alert on my negative self talk and try to stop it when I catch myself having limiting thoughts..